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Defining Scalable Medical Outreach Platform For Those Who Are Not Tech-Minded

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There are so many professionals in the medical field that want to give back to their own communities and to towns and villages in need around the world. It is a very noble calling to become a doctor or nurse, and even more noble to want to help those that are not living in or part of your own city, town, or village. You can join different medical outreach programs, but you can also create your own medical outreach organization.

To do that, you would need help from medical outreach software to keep track of your patients and the care you have provided while protecting confidentiality. It also requires a scalable medical outreach platform and possible assistance from scalable medical outreach platform providers. If this tech jargon is out of your league and you need a better explanation of what these things are before you get started on creating your own medical outreach program, the following is provided.


​Scalable is a tech word that means "growing and/or expanding; expandable." So, if you have a database with patient information, there is always room for more new patients. You can "scale up" or "scale down" on the room for patient files on your system or computers (if you have only one or two keeping track of patient files). If your medical outreach program were to suddenly explode into the thousands of consumers/patients, you would definitely need software that could keep up with the patient load!

​Medical Outreach

​This is easy enough. Medical outreach is any program that reaches out to those who do not have or do not currently receive medical care and attention to their health needs. As you are establishing a medical outreach program, you can substitute the name you have given your outreach program in this wording. For example, if you worked for Doctors Without Borders, it would read, "Scalable Doctors Without Borders Platform/Software." You can make the medical outreach program your own, with your own software program and program title/name.

Platform, Software, and Providers

​Platform is simply the launch screens and coding used to launch the software you run and are using or intending to use for your outreach program. It may be a platform and software that already exists but is tweaked for your outreach program, or it may be a newly written, customized platform and software. If it is the latter, you will need "providers" to help you create said platform and software. The providers are the tech people that will write code, build platforms and software, and create computer programs that will do what you want them to do. 

For more information about scalable medical outreach platform providers, reach out to a supplier near you.