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5 Internet Security Options For Your Airbnb

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According to many experts, WiFi is the most sought-after amenity in vacation properties. Cheap access to the internet will be the reason some guests will favor one property over another. Therefore, many Airbnb providers make an effort to provide guest WiFi.

However, with the internet comes security concerns that you may not have considered. If your guests' online security is compromised when they're using your internet connection, things could get complicated for you. Choosing a secure internet service provider is the first step, but what else can you do on your end?

Change Your Router Passwords Regularly

Someone who has been in your network in the past will be able to access it in the future if the password is still the same. This creates a security problem for your future guests. Additionally, there are other ways that hackers and other undesirables can get your password. Therefore, it's a good practice to be changing your router passwords on a regular basis. Avoid using obvious passwords.

Don't Use the Default Network Name

When you buy a router, it will come with a default network name for the Wi-Fi. This network name usually has some relation to the brand or model of router that you're using. Unfortunately, this can provide a hacker with the information they need to know how to compromise your system. Once they know the type of router you're using, they can find a hack online developed by someone else.

Store the Router Securely

If a guest can access your router, they can tamper with it, allowing them to seal other people's data or check on their internet activity. Because of this, the router should be out of reach for your guests.

Don't Ignore Firmware Updates

Software updates are hardly popular in the tech world since they can create issues such as slowing down systems. However, many of these firmware updates are usually released to seal security loopholes in the hardware you're using. Hackers usually come up with ways of bypassing the security features of internet devices on a regular basis. Regular firmware updates make things a little harder for them.

Separate and Encrypt the Guest WiFi Network

An encrypted network makes it harder for hackers to view information being sent over a network. Therefore, your guest WiFi network should have the highest level of encryption possible. Additionally, you should keep the guest WiFi network separate from your own. This can help to keep your primary network safe.

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