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Three Tips to Improve the Security of Your Home

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Your home is your safe place. However, if you don't take the necessary precautions to ensure it is a place where you and your family feel safe, it could compromise the overall security that you and your family feel. Burglaries occur often in the United States. To help reduce the likelihood that your home is burglarized, here are a few tips to help improve the security of your home and put your mind at ease.

Tip #1: Don't Give Burglars a Place to Hide

One mistake that many homeowners make is giving thieves a place around the exterior of the homes to hide. Make sure that there are no bushes or trees around your home that would allow thieves to hide behind; they need to be trimmed if they are high enough to block your home's windows.

In addition, your property needs to be well lit at all times. If there are any areas that are dark or would allow a burglar to enter your home under the cover of darkness, lights need to be placed in these areas. Motion detection spotlights are best as these will not only conserve energy, but they will also come on as soon as they detect any motion in the area.

Tip #2: Don't Let Burglars Know You Aren't at Home

Are you planning on going on a vacation? If so, the last thing you want to do is announce it in advance and let anyone—like a potential burglar—know. In today's day and age, everyone is all about posting their daily lives on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. This is something that burglars know and they watch out for it. Posting a status update on Facebook that you are the port about to board your cruise ship is alerting potential thieves that your home is ready and waiting to be broken into. The best thing that you can do is wait to post your vacation pictures until you return home.

Additionally, it is a good idea to let a trusted family member, friend, or neighbor check in on your home on a daily basis. This includes picking up newspapers, mail, etc. Burglars notice when newspapers and mail starts to pile up at a home; in fact, they watch out for these things.

Tip #3: Install a Home Alarm System

While it is true that a home alarm system will not necessarily keep a thief from entering your home, it could scare burglars away once they hear the alarm go off (unless it is a silent alarm). In addition, once the alarm sounds (silently or not), police will be on their way immediately, which helps limit what the burglar is able to remove from the home. However, keep in mind that these alarm systems are only effective when you engage the alarm, so make sure that the alarm is engaged at all times. Go to this site for guidance on the right alarm system for your home.